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U.S. Supreme Court rules to Protect Privacy Rights with Smart Phone Searches

Trisha Barita June 25, 2014

On the issue of privacy, there is always a balance to be struck between what sacrifice must be made in order to continue to maintain and protect our right to privacy.  The U.S. Supreme Court expressed an opinion today that law enforcement’s ability to search through cell phones they obtain during an arrest is not… Continue Reading »


Corporate Disaster? – Taco Bell Employee Licking Taco Shells

Trisha Barita June 5, 2013

First off, I love tacos and they are a Texas staple that can be found all over from the taqueria stands, fancy food trucks to the tons of Tex-Mex Restaurants. That being said, it’s a bad week for taco shells.  Taco Bell is in the news for the alleged Taco Bell taco shells that were photographed being licked by… Continue Reading »


Tick Tock: Statute of Limitations for Contract Lawsuits

Trisha Barita May 29, 2013

Contracts are an inevitable part of business and if you deal with alot of contracts in your business, at some point you will likely experience a contract dispute with the other party.  So what are your options to sue them?  How long do they have to sue you?  In Texas, most actions for breach of… Continue Reading »


Opinionated Online Users Risk Defamation Lawsuits

Trisha Barita April 20, 2013

Remember back to when your Mom would say, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anthing at all.”  Well that key advice is still relevant and applicable today, especially in the world of social media.  Facebook posts, twitter, blogs and anonymous posting sites are like honey to a bee when it comes to the… Continue Reading »


Legal Casino Gambling in Texas?

Trisha Barita April 12, 2013

The news this past week on the Texas gambling movement is that the Texas legislature will potentially revist the issue of gambling in Texas.   I have been hearing about gambling in Texas since the day I was born.  There is always a rumor here or there that it might happen and then nothing happens.  So I,… Continue Reading »


Marijuana Invading your Employment Law Policies?

Trisha Barita April 5, 2013

A new survey released by the Pew Institute shows that for the first time in four decades of polling, the majority of Americans (52%) are in favor of legalizing the use of marijuana.  As of the writing of this article, eighteen states have legalized some form of pot as shown in Rolling Stone’s Nifty Pot Map of the… Continue Reading »


CVS Employee Policy – Weigh In or Pay Monthly Fine

Trisha Barita March 26, 2013

Employer CVS’s new policy for its employees using the company health insurance is that they see a physician for a health screening disclosing their weight, height, BMI and other health info or face a $50/monthly penalty ($600/year).  Although wellness programs have been around for awhile, this sheds new light on how an employer is using a penalty to… Continue Reading »


Employer’s Nondelegable Duty to Provide Safe Workplace

Trisha Barita February 22, 2013

After hearing the story about Carnival’s stranded cruise liner last week in the Gulf of Mexico, I thought about the many employees aboard the ship that worked probably overtime and in difficult conditions to aid in the ship’s voyage back to America. From my understanding, the employees of a cruise ship generally have the quarters… Continue Reading »


League City Voted Yes to Refuse to Enforce Federal Gun Laws

Trisha Barita February 13, 2013

While Obama gave his State of the Union Address last night highlighting his stance on gun control, I witnessed a very different stance on gun control at a Council meeting in League City, Texas.  I was there to deal with a contract matter before the council, but did witness a room full of supporters for City Councilwoman Heidi Thiess’s resolution… Continue Reading »


Cell Phone Unlocking Could Be a Jail Sentence

Trisha Barita February 9, 2013

Have you ever heard of people jail breaking their phone?  Some people jail break the phone so that they can “unlock” it and then switch the phone to  different phone carriers.  I have and love my iphone, but I am not a cell phone guru, so the first time that I really heard about unlocking of phones… Continue Reading »

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